Wadi Rum

Hot Air Balloon above the desert

  • For adults only
  • Hour & half
Take a trip into the beautiful blue skies of Wadi Rum and enjoy the amazing view of the Jordanian desert and its breath taking beauty.


Explore the desert on camel’s back

  • For children and adults alike
  • Duration is as desired
Go back in time and experience the joy of travelling across the desert in a caravan that our civilization was built on.
A great activity for children and adults alike.


ATV at Wadi Rum

  • Kids over 12 and adults
  • 1 hour or more
Take advantage and have an adventure with an atv and cross the dunes and sands of Wadi Rum with lots of excitement and fun.


4 hours of 4x4 in the desert of Wadi Rum

  • For all ages
  • 4 hours
A trip for 4 hours in a 4x4 with a driver / guide. You will discover the beauty and the magnitude of the Wadi Rum site. See the old Nabtean inscription on the rocks, the red sands of Umm Ishreen, the remains of Laurence of Arabia's house, the great arch of Umm Frouth and many more wonderful sights.


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